Absentia DX's goal is to create time-saving tools for dialog editors and re-recording mixers.
The low-price server licensing model did not generate positive cash flow and that has hampered our ability to further develop new tools.
Additionally, there was a vocal customer segment that wanted us to adopt iLok for licensing.
For these reasons, we adopted the subscription pricing model.

The Production Team

Current v2 Server License owners can

  • Update to v 3.0.0  
    Active (not expired) licenses can update to v3 for free. The perpetual license will switch to a subscription. The expiry date* will remain the same. Renew the server subscription before expires and pay a $40 discount price.
    If the V3 subscription expires, Absentia DX will be deactivated.
    A full repurchase is required to reactivate. 

    * Expiry date is the license purchase date + 1 year
  • Switch to an iLok subscription 
    Redeem your v2 license and get an annual iLok subscription for $80.
    Renew the iLok subscription before expires and pay a $50 discount price. 
    If the V3 subscription expires, Absentia DX will be deactivated. 
    A full repurchase is required to reactivate.  
  • Upgrade to v 3.0.0
    Expired Server licenses can Extend Upgrades for $40, in order to use v3 server Licensing subscription. 
  • Keep perpetual
    Expired Server licenses can keep Absentia DX v2.2.3 perpetual.
    Download v2.2.3