Marcello Dubaz

Supervising Sound Editor / Dialogue Editor

I have been using ABDX since 2017, and I have been blown away by how the Todd-AO team continues to develop the app and plugin with new features yet keep it affordable.
Transparency and dialogue integrity are crucial to what I look for in an audio plugin aimed at clean-up and restoration, and ABDX does just that.
On the mix stage, ABDX is an integral part of my process for its hum removal and air tone generator. In my opinion, there is no better air tone generator to build fills when there isn’t enough room tone available in the track.
As a sound supervisor and dialogue editor, ABDX has been a vital part of the process, from building dialogue assemblies to transparently processing dailies while preserving critical metadata.
One of my favorite new additions of ABDX is how it’s helped me look for alternate takes with the Transcribe and ALTS finder modes. In the film I just completed, I was able to search for alternate takes by typing in the words. This helped preserve the original performance of the actors and limit the need for ADR.

Cormac Funge

Supervising Sound Editor

I love Absentia's new Transcribe tool. The Alts Finder is my go-to option when clients
ask for a new read or dialog clarity. It's easy to Preview takes and Spot them into Pro Tools.

Micah Loken

Dialogue Editor / Supervisor

What I love about the latest update of Absentia DX is the cicadas reducer tool. Cicadas/crickets can be incredibly difficult to deal with, and the team has done a great job developing a simple, yet robust, cicadas reducer tool

Dustin Harris

Dialogue Editor

Air Tone Generator is the best in class. A must-have for quickly creating smooth, natural, and organic soundings dialogue fill.

Karol Urban

Re-Recording Mixer

I use ABDX every day and keep it up onscreen through my pre-dub pass in dialogue on every project. It really is a life saver. I find it often to be the most efficient solution to many dialogue issues that arise even when tooled with other restoration or noise-reduction plug-ins with much higher price points. It is a fantastic product. 

Kirby Jinnah

Supervising Sound Editor

Had a loud diesel pick-up clobbering a few lines, and tried several popular noise reduction plug ins to fix it. Nothing could filter it out without leaving heavy artifacts on the voice. That is until I tried Absentia DX. Still surprises me how good this plug in is. Yet more ADR avoided. Thanks.

Andrew DeCristofaro

Supervising Sound Editor

The De-Hum feature is a lifesaver! One click and it’s gone.
When you have complicated harmonic hums… even more amazing!!!
Then the Doppler Remover has done miracles to save an unusable track.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to further improvements as you develop them!!!

Michael Maroussas

Dialogue Editor / Supervisor

I used the Transcribe feature for the first time on a feature. It's an absolute godsend for finding Alts. You can either use an xls database to search for keywords by character, or have cue metadata added to your sound roll WAVs, and search for text within your sound database app, and spot to Pro Tools more easily. Genius! I'll be using it on every project.

Larry Benjamin

Re-Recording Mixer

Absentia DX saves the day again!
I had a scene in Ozark that I wanted to throw at Absentia DX just to see what it could do with very high-frequency insects (cicadas and other insects from Atlanta). I used Hum Remover Strong and had Broadband Remover checked as well. It reduced the problem significantly and it was a huge improvement.