An Intelligent Algorithm
that cleans voice recordings

The Absentia DX algorithm analyzes production dialog recordings and then removes obvious hums, wireless rings, and ticks, while maintaining the integrity of the human voice.

Annual Subscription Options


$120 first year. Then $40/year

For users that don't need to carry the license with them regularly.
The license is activated on your machine, but you can request to move it. 


$150 first year. Then $50/year

For users that work on different facilities and need to carry the license.
License is activated on a 2nd Generation Pace iLok2 or later.

Free 2 day trial Server license. Supports .WAV mono files up to 60 seconds in Standalone application only.

New Plug-In

with more features 

The V3 plug-in
includes all the tools from the Standalone app and a local library that makes processing 3x faster.
The Hotkeys shortcuts will speed up editing.

Phase Alignment in Pro Tools

Cut Boom and ISOs together.
Phase Synchronizer analyze and correct phase differences between Boom and Lavs

Standalone app
& AAX Plug-In

Use the Standalone Application to Batch Process the complete Sound dailies folder.

Use the Pro Tools plug-in when editing or mixing to make deeper processing to some clips.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.11 or higher || Windows 10

Hum Remover

Automatically removes hum from recordings.
Hum Remover Smooth is safe for all dialog.
Our intelligent algorithm removes obvious hum and harmonics and leaves the dialog untouched. 

Batch process all dailies before editing.

The Smooth and Strong presets are specially built to leave the dialogue untouched while taking care of the residual noise.

Hum Remover Presets

​Smooth removal of hums and wireless rings. Can be safely used on batch processing.

​Strong removal of hums and wireless rings. Can be safely used on batch processing.

Tighter (closer to dialogue) removal of hums and wireless rings.

Removal of hum from camera, generators, and projectors.

Removal of hum produced by Electro-Magnetic Field interference, such as Radio or Transmitters.  

Sonogram Player

The Sonogram window allows to view the Spectrum of a poly-wave file and play it channel by channel. Drop a WAV file onto the Sonogram box to see its spectrum. Open the History window and compare Original vs Processed in the Spectrogram.

More Tools

Create room-tones for DX/ADR fills or M&E.
Replace All Natural: Replace everything leaving more “air movement”, which results in a more natural tone.
Replace All Flat: Replace everything leaving a flat tone.
Replace Dialog: Replace dialogue only while maintaining production moves and clothes rubs.  

Cut the Boom and Lavalier together, and avoid phase cancellation issues.

It reduces bird chirps in the background while skipping dialogue.

It reduces cicadas in the background while skipping dialogue.

Remove hum and whistle with tonal variation.

Esteemed Client Testimonials

The De-Hum feature is a lifesaver!
One click and it’s gone. When you have complicated harmonic hums… even more amazing!!!
Then the Doppler Remover has done miracles to save an unusable track.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to further improvements as you develop them!!!

Andrew DeCristofaro
Supervising Sound Editor

Absentia DX has developed from something great into something mind-blowing. I removed lightning flash electrical interference on subtle breaths.
It was a 90% success rate with one click on Hum Remover EMI Strong. Woah.

Kirby Jinnah
Supervising Sound Editor

Absentia DX saves the day again!
I had a scene in Ozark that I wanted to throw at Absentia DX just to see what it could do with very high-frequency insects (cicadas and other insects from Atlanta). I used Hum Remover Strong and had Broadband Remover checked as well. It reduced the problem significantly and it was a huge improvement.

Larry Benjamin
Re-Recording Mixer

v2 Legacy support